Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Birth of Orion

Orion by Savage Freaks5Orion by Savage Freaks6Orion by Savage Freaks4Orion by Savage Freaks3Orion by Savage Freaks1DSC02012
DSC02019DSC02010Orion by Savage Freaks2DSC02046DSC02037DSC02035

The Birth of Orion, a set on Flickr.

So finally a update. Sorry it has been to long. I want to start a email list for release info so if your interested sign up at also I update a little more on Facebook ( and instagram (@computerhair, or #savagefreaks) so maybe check there as well.

Im very excited to be releasing my next figure "Orion". Orion is about "4 inches tall and is articulated in the arms and waist. Here are a bunch of my favorite pictures of the figure. Stay tuned for details on Orion's first release, "Unpainted GID" happening this week.