Monday, April 18, 2011

Kaiju For Japan

Whats up yall.  Iv been gone for a little bit, but Im back now!  So the latest and greatest is that I have donated some figures to a sale that all the proceeds will goto the victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.  Im super stoked to be able to help out the folks in Japan.  Its so sad to see all those pictures of the devastation left behind from the tsunami. Its also a reminder that anything can happen anytime and its important to help people when you can, because you never know when you might be in there position.  I live in San Francisco and that threat is very real.  So if you would like to help out and get some cool stuff at the same time. For more info check out and on April 22 the Kaiju for Japan shop will go live at this address

Here is a preview of the Freaks that I donated