Saturday, March 10, 2012

New Savage Freaks wip part 2, Almost done!


New SF wip part 2, a set on Flickr.

SO... I have been working hard to finish this sculpt up so I can start the molding/casting process, and eventually get to the painting part which I think will be fun! I just got some new airbrush paints ( ) which I'm super stoked on.

SO... I have had a few more entry's for the name but I'm want to leave it open for a bit more so I can have more choices, Now that there is more detail you have a better idea of what the final sculpt will be.

Here's a little back story:
SO... the idea is that this is a female alien bio mech beast from the dark side of our moon. She lays her eggs every 24 hours and uses the double sided drill hand to make a nest. Im not sure about the other hand it might be a lazar or I might just make a new hand. Her main diet is Iron from the astroids that pelt the moon.

SO... maybe this will help get some ideas for her name. hit me on Facebook or comment below